Endodontic Surgery

Combined Treatment of an Incisor


Surgical and non-surgical treatment of tooth #10 Some teeth require both non-surgical and surgical treatment to resolve an infection, especially if the lesion is cystic. In such cases, if root canal therapy doesn’t reduce the size of the lesion over time, or alleviate symptoms, apicoectomy and placement of a bioceramic retrofilling will lead [...]

Combined Treatment of an Incisor2021-07-13T01:53:42+00:00

Surgical Management of a Strategic Tooth


Apical surgery and restoration of marginal caries on tooth #6   The maxillary canine is a strategic tooth and its premature loss can have significant restorative consequences. This patient came in for an unrelated issue, but it offered a chance to get 14 year recall on a surgery done at our office. This [...]

Surgical Management of a Strategic Tooth2021-06-29T02:49:03+00:00

Resorption Repair, Tooth #21


A combined surgical and non-surgical approach to root resorption treatment. This 61 year-old patient presented asymptomatically with a history of trauma to the posterior right mandible 15 years ago. Examination revealed a J-shaped lesion associated with necrotic tooth #21, and a separate lesion consistent with invasive cervical root resorption that extended from the cemento-enamel [...]

Resorption Repair, Tooth #212019-01-15T17:03:40+00:00
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