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The Importance of Furcation Canals, and Sinusitis


A unique lesion mimicking a root fracture due to a patent furcation canal The MB2 canal of upper molars is highly variable. It can join the MB1 canal, it can be completely absent, and (as in this case) it can have its own separate foramen far short of the radiographic apex. This patient [...]

The Importance of Furcation Canals, and Sinusitis2021-07-13T01:54:07+00:00

Dens in dente #25


Root canal treatment of a necrotic incisor presenting with dens in dente This patient, an 18 year old male, presented without symptoms to our office in 2012 regarding a periapical lesion associated with #25. Examination revealed irregular root and crown morphology consistent with dens in dente--also termed ‘dens invaginatus.' Root canal treatment was [...]

Dens in dente #252019-03-20T00:57:11+00:00

The Importance of Mid-Mesial Canals, Tooth #31


Unusual anatomy of a mandibular second molar Nonsurgical root canal therapy was performed on #31. During the procedure a mid-mesial canal was detected just lingual to the mesio-buccal orifice, via troughing with an ultrasonic tip and the aid of a dental operating microscope. Radiographs were taken to reveal an abrupt, midroot canal curvature [...]

The Importance of Mid-Mesial Canals, Tooth #312018-04-14T23:44:38+00:00
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